Living and traveling in Germany is much easier with this list of 10 apps. We like to use technology to make our lives as easy as possible. Below is a list of 10 apps for traveling in Germany – they are free apps that you can download on the AppStore for Apple phones and on GooglePlay for Android smartphones that will make your life less stressful while traveling around or living in Germany.

1. DB Navigator:

deutschebahn apps for traveling in Germany

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is Germany’s train system. I downloaded this app when i was in Germany travelling last year (before I knew we were moving there). This app will make your travels much easier! Type in your starting destination (or just click “current position” and it’ll find the closest train station to you), then tell it where you want to go. Pick which date and time you want to travel and finally how many tickets you need.

My favorite part about the app: If you click “current position” it will show you how to get to the nearest train station. It shows me the bus timings so that you can confidently schedule your travels! It calculates how long the bus ride takes to get to the train station and then the train number and platform you’ll need.

Download: Apple / Android

2. WhatsApp

Whatsapp logo in apps for traveling in Germany

WhatsApp is a free messaging app, just like iMessage, that uses data.  This app lets me keep in contact with everyone at home and around the world and with our friends in Germany.  It’s an app that allows its users to text, send media and voice recordings. WhatsApp uses the same data that you surf the web and send e-mails with, so there is no fee to keep in touch with friends and family back home or down the street. We also love that it is encrypted although it is now owned by Facebook so the level of privacy is not perhaps what it might have been. If you need end to end encryption, look elsewhere.

Download: Apple / Android


Trasnferwise logo in article on apps for traveling in Germany

Transferring money from a US bank account to a German bank account much more cheaply! Seriously, this is the missing link to the challenge of transferring money while living around the world. Sign up here (affiliate link)

Download: Apple / Android

4. XE Currency

Xe currency logo

While XE Currency provides reliable exchange rates, these rates may be more favorable than what your US-based bank offers – they present mid-market rate (same as Transferwise). However, you can monitor up to 10 currencies at a time, view historical currency charts easily (helping you decide the best time to transfer money).

Download: Apple / Android

5. ESSO Fuel Finder

Esso fuel station logo in apps for traveling in Germany

A great tool to have on your smartphone when taking a road trip! It doesn’t matter if you are a couple of blocks from home or in another country, this app can help you find the nearest Esso Fuel Station. While you only save money on gas from Esso stations here in Germany, it’s a great app to have if you get low on gas in the middle of nowhere Switzerland. This app, like others, is easy to use. With the tap of your finger you can map out a route to the nearest Esso station and with step-by-step instructions on how to get there. You can filter your options to see if the shop is open 24-hours and even if they have a car wash! Don’t ever run out of gas again. Save money by downloading the Esso Finder app.

Download: Apple / Android


6. Waze

Waze logo

GPS and Maps. Living in a rural area for the past few years meant traffic was the least of our concerns. But, some of our city-dweller friends introduced us to the traffic soothsayer, Waze. You can choose a country (and change that country as you travel. This is so helpful when wanting to drive from base to base or downtown. Once your GPS on your smartphone is on it will highlight the backed-up, high traffic areas in red and slow-moving traffic in orange. With this app, you can report accidents along the motorway, road hazards, and polizei traps. The app will send you notifications (only if you want it to) of the cheapest gas in the area and if you are approaching a stau. If you want to connect, you can send updates to your friends who also have the app downloaded, letting them know what you saw on your morning or afternoon commute.

Download: Apple / Android

7. Skyscanner

Skyscanner app logo

Explore, compare and book flights around the world. This is a one-stop-shop for all your airline needs. Don’t ever waste your time again searching through multiple websites trying to find the best airfare. This app shows you the lowest-priced tickets wherever you are wanting to go. With this app, you can get updated price alerts, find the cheapest flights, use your frequent flyer miles when booking and get inspirations for your next trip. This app allows you to choose the “Everywhere” option in your destination, giving you the best-priced trips for the dates you are looking. You are also able to view “Top Deals” from your closest airport. This is the only site I use to buy my airline tickets!

Download: Apple / Android

8. Airbnb

Airbnb logo

A great way to explore local neighborhoods while traveling – very often cheaper than hotels. The local experiences feature is also a fun way to experience new places. Our rule of thumb is that anything over 2 nights we will look at Airbnb. Remember that there is often cleaning and/or service fee for each booking – which is why we have our 2+ night rule. Try it here (affiliate link)

Download: Apple / Android

9. Tripit 

Tripit app logo

This app is how I keep travel of all the moving pieces of all the trips and travel plans. By forwarding confirmation emails (transportation, lodging, activities) it collates trip plans and creates a personalized itinerary that is shareable. It notifies you of delays faster than the airlines themselves do. It also reminds you a couple of minutes before checkin is available helping you stay ahead of the game if timely check-in is important.

Download: Apple / Android

10. Viator

Viator Logo in deutschebahn apps for traveling in Germany

Viator is a tour website that lets you browse for any type of tour you may want to do while traveling. The app is a great cliff note version of the website. We used Viator to schedule tours in Oman, Abu Dhabi, and Thailand. Search by country and city. With a few clicks, you can purchase and join a tour that very same day! Sometimes, I will search out other ways to buy the same tour (like through our credit card company) but Viator will often show what’s on offer in an area. It’s a helpful app to have while traveling to new places!

Download: Apple / Android


Lieferando in apps for traveling in Germany

This is the ubereats, door dash, grub hub of Germany! is a meal delivery service that allows you to order and pay in the app. This is excellent for new locations (or even hotel or Airbnb stays).

Download: Apple / Android

Do you know of any apps for traveling in Germany that make life easier or more enjoyable? If you are interested in other tools for location independence, we have other articles on that topic.

This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links means we may earn advertising or referral fees if you make a purchase through this link, without any cost to you. All opinions are honest and all recommendations are based on our experiences.

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