Dwight Rabe is Anna’s husband.  Together, they are the nucleus of Team Rabe. In addition to being an adventurer and nomadic type, he is a freakishly talented runner (ed: this is Anna – D would never say that about himself). He is her Running Man. This is why elsewhere you will find him referred to as RM.

in extremis is his corner of the web.

In extremis is latin for “in the farthest reaches.” It is also used to describe being in an extremely difficult situation, or rather concerningly “at the point of death.”

Here is where you will find a list of his writing about running, racing, trails, training, and his adventure in beginning ultramarathon running.

He has a bucket list of races he’d love to run. In 2015, he focused on trail runs and road distances up to half marathon distance. The plans for 2016 were thwarted by injury, but he did complete his first 50K race.

We plan in order to succeed (and to be flexible). He explains in a two part post why he’s moving beyond marathons! Beyond the Marathon: Going Ultra, Part 1 and Part 2. One of his bucket list goals is the Boston Marathon – so the road to Boston will begin with Oklahoma City in April 2016, but things didn’t go to plan!  One of the challenges Dwight faced so far this year is dealing with an injury that has required withdrawal from races in Oklahoma, Jemez, Leadville, and Flagstaff.

He has a Gear List. Though he usually runs with as little as possible. Anna has written a post about how to make gear reviews useful for the running community.

Team Rabe has a motto, riro i te ora which is maori for “win at life.” Life is about way more than a podium finish in an athletic event, but sometimes races help us learn more about who we are and what we are capable of. The motto is in maori to celebrate Dwight’s New Zealander heritage. Team Rabe is also the name we crew under and how we build morale for those friends who kindly support Dwight’s running endeavours!

His 2015 race results and his 2016 race results. You can also read about how he approaches planning and his Race Schedule Logic.

He is hoping to be writing more about our adventures, trails and running. He started with The Cabin: a piece about living for a couple of years in a cabin in the remote northwest.


3rd place in Rails to Trails 8 mile Race in Cloudcroft, NM


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