We have big news.

Hallo Deutschland.

We are moving to Germany later this year.


Suprised? us too. This was not what we had been left to believe was possible for us, even though we knew we were moving this year.

This was so left field that Anna’s time in Germany in Nov/Dec 2018 was accidental reconnaissance. Believe us, if we had known, she would have done some side trips to the KMC.

Yep, the Kaiserslautern Military Community. But we didn’t know, so she caught a train direct from Frankfurt to Stuttgart.

So what’s next? Get out heads around this, and then get moving on our ticking off items on our PCS (Permanent Change of Station Checklist). It’s no surprise that Anna has a checklist she uses for moving each time.

This is Anna’s 6th international move and Dwight’s 3rd or 4th (he was pretty young for some of them so ya know, memory not always great), but it’s both our first international move together and our first international (or OCONUS) move with the military (he did a bunch of those as a kid). We obviously don’t count deployments as international moves…because those are temporary, by definition.

We are looking forward to exploring Europe together! We are pretty excited about spending time with friends and family in another part of the world. Share your favorite places in Germany with us in the comments!

Hallo Deutschland Germany  Team Rabe

Update: little did we know what would come. We got about size months living in Europe before COVID-19 changed Europe and the world!

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