So Coronavirus is here and real. This is one part record – one part list of resources and quality news sources – one part timeline of living in Western Germany as we all deal with Coronavirus.

Resources for information:

🩺 World Health Organization (WHO) has daily updates including numbers of confirmed cases:


March 3

  • Feeling a little nervous about traveling, but decide to travel based on the risk assessment of the organizers (who i work with on an ongoing basis).

March 4

  • Fly from Frankfurt to Dallas direct on American Airlines. Questioned by staff about my travel in the last month. Asked specifically if i was in China recently.
  • Plane less than 50% full.
  • Arrived in Dallas for conference. Already limiting physical contact but it is a hard shift.

March 5

  • Conference commences. Participants are directed to wash hands during every break and “elbow bumping” is de rigor.

March 6

  • Conference continues. News out of Italy intensifying. Companies represented at conference hear that their travel is suspended: Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan & Chase, Amazon.

March 7

  • Conference continues.

March 8

  • Conference concludes.

March 9

  • Returned to Frankfurt from Dallas with a layover in London.
  • UK is a level 2 country.

March 10

  • Germany and all of the schengen countries were declared level 3 countries by the CDC
  • Secretary of Defense releases Force Protection Guidance and Travel limitations.
  • Visited two local supermarket to add items to pantry. Both were relatively quiet and no shortages were apparent.
  • Spiked a 100.5 fever at 8pm.

March 11

  • I reached out via online messaging system to my doctor to let them know I had recently returned via a then level 2 country – and that I had spiked a fever of 100.5 once but otherwise had symptoms only of jetlag. Doctor indicates that i should continue to social distance, and continue to self-monitor.

March 12

  • Reach out to person I was to meet with tomorrow face to face and organize a video call.
  • Parkrun announces they are cancelling all events in Germany.

March 13

  • 📮 The US postal service reported mail from the US to military bases in Germany will be delayed
  • Announcement: 🏫 Schools and daycare are closed in Germany Monday 16 March – 24 April

March 14

  • Germany has started widespread testing using auto clinics (literally drive-in).
  • Visited our neighbourhood grocery store being careful to maintain a 6 foot distance with all i encounter. Even on Saturday’s the Carparking is only usually 50%. Definitely more people than normal. Stocked as per usual – with the exception of flour??
  • Dwight went for a run on local trails and through kottweiler-Schwenden. There were about the same amount of people moving about as usual.
  • 🇪🇸 Spain and France 🇫🇷 are on quarantine lockdown

March 15

  • cases in Germany 🇩🇪 as at 15 March – 3795; cases in Rhineland-Pfalz: 102.
  • Everything is closed in Germany because it is Sunday: so situation normal!
  • Austria bans gatherings of more than 5. All restaurants and cafes will not be allowed to open from 17 March! Austrian authorities have advised that people should stay at home as much as possible and their Military will be deployed.
  • Dwight goes for a run on trails knowing that he will be unlikely to encounter another runner and that it may be his last run for at least a few days/week

General Thoughts

🏨 be kind to the medical 🏥 folks around you. They’re sacrificing time with their own families, sleep & the comfort of ignorance to take care of others.

🧼Wash your hands & keep your distance (6 feet/2 meters) if you have to leave your home. Remember you might think you’re fine, but you’re raising the risk for those with less ability to fight infection.

📉Now is the time to flatten the curve if there is any chance to prevent overwhelm for health systems.

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