While neither of us — world travelers (or world travellers)– has a goal of “ticking off” all the countries of the world, it is always enlightening to track where we have each been. We have chosen to track separately here because although we travel together quite often, we also routinely travel separately for work and leisure. Whether it is wanderlust or a passion to see the world, we get itchy feet regularly.

Anna didn’t leave Australia for the first time until she was 21. But she’s made up for a relatively late start since. Anna is a fan of slow travel, exploring countries and places through local art, wandering walks, and local food.

Anna: There are a few other countries I could color in if we weren’t holding to a 24 hour rule. You must be in the country for at least 24 hours. We do have one caveat — if you flew the plane that got you to the country then the amount of hours doesn’t matter. Call it the pilot’s privilege if you will.

As at April 2021, I (Anna) has been to 22 countries).

Here is Dwight’s map showing 31 countries. He started young living in Japan as a small child and traveling extensively in Asia – this map doesn’t reflect many of those travels as he doesn’t remember them. These are the ones he remembers. Although there was that one time he accidentally crossed a border or two on a ski trip to Europe while he was at University….but the less said about that….

world travelers - a map of the place team rabe has travelled

“In an unfamiliar culture, it is wise to offer no innovations, no suggestions, or lessons. If I’m going to a new country, I try to learn something about the language and the culture, so I don’t just go bumbling over things.” – Maya Angelou

We write about people and places. We are quite sure whether we are in fact world travelers. Sometimes we like to curl up for a movie afternoon. Notwithstanding, here’s to a lifetime of traveling the world together and separately.

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