When we were married 7 years ago, we decided to be intentional about having fun together! One way that we did this was to brainstorm a 101 in 1001 days. The first one was up in early 2016 and we spent the rest of that year trying to chase up a few extras. We ended up completing 77.2% of version 1.0 of 101 in 1001 days.

Update: The second one had a deadline of 29 September 2019. We cut version 2.0 short after receiving orders to move to Germany: Hallo Deutschland! We completed 41.6% of Version 2.0.

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. 1001 days is 2.75 years beginning 29 June 2019. This means our deadline is 29 January 2022

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretch us. Basically, they need coordination or new skills to be accomplished. All tasks are designed to be done together.

101 in 1001. Not a pedestrian life

We brainstormed this list over the course of a few days and came up with a list that were both excited about.

The List

  1. Visit ** in Manchester
  2. Go to classical music performance (Santa Fe chamber music festival 7/27) ✅
  3. Complete a “no tv” week
  4. New Family Photos ✅
  5. Purchase a new DSLR Camera. ✅
  6. Go truffle hunting
  7. Visit Normandy
  8. Eat seafood overlooking the Mediterranean
  9. Build a snowman ⛄️ ✅
  10. Watch all the marvel avengers movies ✅ (all the ones currently released)
  11. Take a dance lesson together
  12. Go for a bike ride together ✅
  13. Run/crew a sky race
  14. Climb to the top of the monastery in Ulm
  15. Ride Vespas 🛵
  16. Go to a contemporary music concert
  17. Go sailing together
  18. Camp overnight in 3 new places (lake bled; ) ♒️
  19. Go to a conference together.
  20. Take the FSOT ✅
  21. Cook our way through a cookbook ♒️
  22. Visit Gallipoli (turkey)
  23. Buy an original piece of art in Europe ✅
  24. Ride bikes in Copenhagen
  25. *******************************************
  26. Capture the northern lights
  27. Ski trip where Anna does lessons for 3 consecutive days
  28. Make palak paneer or any Pakistani dish ✅
  29. Make papaya salad or pad Thai ✅
  30. Enjoy a European food festival
  31. Tour a cheese Ageing room
  32. Go to an Air force ball together
  33. Learn some new constellations (maybe an astronomy tour or something like that)
  34. Have a Taco Tuesday in Germany with homemade tortillas
  35. Go to a German wine festival ✅
  36. PCS away from New Mexico ✅
  37. An overnight hike to a hut
  38. Host a wine tasting ✅
  39. Shooting/archery lesson
  40. Visit 12 European countries together (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Luxembourg) (9/12) ♒️
  41. Visit Hay on Wye (Wales)
  42. Drink espresso in a cafe in Rome
  43. Kiss on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower
  44. Pray together in the Sagrada Familia
  45. Hike part of the el Camino (pilgrimage trail in Spain)
  46. Live in a third country together ✅
  47. Take a German lesson together
  48. Visit Luxembourg ✅
  49. Visit Sacre Coeur together
  50. See the Karlsruhe opera perform
  51. Visit Florence
  52. Visit Tuscany
  53. Camp by a Lake in Switzerland
  54. Kiss in four countries in one 24 hour period (close, 3)
  55. 🍾 tasting in Champagne, France 🇫🇷. ✅
  56. Host Thanksgiving dinner ✅
  57. European Christmas Markets ✅
  58. Go to a farmers market
  59. Drink Tea in Morocco 🇲🇦
  60. Israel 🇮🇱
  61. Take a photo on the bridge by Westminster and take a photo with Big Ben in the background
  62. Go to a sporting event in Europe
  63. Collect ** bottles of wine ✅
  64. Hike in the Black Forest together
  65. Celebrate Anna’s **th with an adventure ✅
  66. Sail near santorini or Mykonos 🇬🇷
  67. Post every day for 1 month on NAPL
  68. Complete a dry month ✅
  69. Complete a no spend month ✅
  70. Make footed macarons
  71. Buy a 10-12 person dining room table ✅
  72. Update emergency preparedness plan ✅
  73. Become debt free ✅
  74. Fully fund our 6 month emergency fund ✅
  75. Host a dinner party with invitations
  76. Take a cooking class in Europe
  77. Watch a live comedy show ✅
  78. Go ice skating
  79. Spend a weekend totally unplugged
  80. Go skiing in Europe
  81. Buy someone “just because” brunch.
  82. Sit by a fire
  83. Send 12 random “just because” cards
  84. Send someone flowers ✅
  85. Do a headshot photo shoot for NAPL
  86. Plant a tree. ✅
  87. Dance to the music of a street busker
  88. Lie on a pew and look up at the Sistine chapel ceiling
  89. Watch the sunrise on a beach
  90. Have weekly date nights every week for a quarter.
  91. Go on a couples retreat/conference
  92. Go on at least one couples date a month for a year. (1/12) ♒️
  93. Visit 3 more Michelin star restaurants ( ✅ ✅ ✅
  94. Visit museum row in Berlin
  95. **********
  96. Visit the island in the middle of lake bled, 🇸🇮 Slovenia. ✅
  97. Do a polar bear swim
  98. Publish an ebook for NAPL
  99. Go to the Opera at La Scala Milan 🇮🇹
  100. Visit German Spa Baths
  101. Buy a rug ✅ ✅ ✅

You’ll notice that some of the 101 in 1001 days items are censored above. Some things just aren’t for sharing! We make no apologies for not sharing the entire list. But there’s still plenty there. We hope this serves as motivation and inspiration for you in developing your own 101 in 1001 list!

Anna and Dwight make up Team Rabe.

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