After being in the Northern hemisphere for the last few years, Team Rabe is heading down South. The Southern Hemisphere and the antipodes awaits. It’s time for an antipodean adventure. As we head out on our next adventure together we are reminded of the risk of high expectations. We are open minded about what we will see and experience. This trip will be focused on exploring parts of New Zealand together for the first time and spending time with family, and then heading to Australia and revisiting some places and people that mean the most to us.

If you have been around here any length of time, you know that we go with the flow, but that we are also Itinerary people.

Trip Day Day of Week    Date            Departure city        Arrival City
1             Tuesday          28-Nov            El Paso                        Dallas
Dateline                                                  In Transit                   Sydney
2             Thursday         30-Nov            Sydney                    Queenstown /Te Anau
3              Friday              1-Dec                                             Manipouri Te Anau, New Zealand
4             Saturday           2-Dec                                                 Te Anau
5              Sunday            3-Dec                                                 Te Anau
6              Monday           4-Dec                                                 Wanaka
7              Tuesday           5-Dec               Wanaka                      Timaru
8            Wednesday        6-Dec               Timaru                       Blenheim
9             Thursday           7-Dec           Blenheim/Picton           Wellington
10            Friday               8-Dec              Wellington                  Auckland
11            Saturday           9-Dec                                                 Auckland
12            Sunday           10-Dec               Auckland                Brisbane – Cairns
13            Monday          11-Dec                                                 Kuranda
14            Tuesday          12-Dec                                                 Kuranda
15         Wednesday        13-Dec                                                 Kuranda
16           Thursday          14-Dec                                                 Kuranda
17             Friday             15-Dec                Cairns                       Brisbane
18          Saturday            16-Dec                                                 Brisbane
19           Sunday             17-Dec                Brisbane                  Gold Coast
20          Monday             18-Dec                                                Gold Coast
21          Tuesday 19-Dec                       Gold Coast – Brisbane  Tamworth
22        Wednesday 20-Dec                                                         Tamworth
23         Thursday 21-Dec                                                            Tamworth
24          Friday 22-Dec                                                                Tamworth
25         Saturday 23-Dec                                                             Tamworth
26          Sunday 24-Dec                                                               Tamworth
27         Monday 25-Dec                                                              Tamworth
28         Tuesday 26-Dec                               Tamworth                Dallas, TX – El Paso, TX


We are going to try and write articles as we go – I say try because we won’t quite know our bandwidth until we are on the way.

As we finalize the details and our packing – I know that we are hopeful, and anticipating an adventure. Although we both love to travel, New Zealand will mark the 4th country we have traveled together – which is a sadly small number in almost the same years of marriage!

Tell us, what should we see in New Zealand?! Tell us about your end of 2017 adventures!


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