This website, Not a Pedestrian Life is the home for the next chapter of things. About two years ago, I started planning an adventure.

A journey from one side of the world to the other.

From Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia to London, England.

Yes, Australia to England: overland.

Overland From Oz.

Yes, that’ll be crossing Europe and Asia.

This will be where the trip will be chronicled. Below are links to some of the pages where i’ve posted about aspects of the trip and the planning process.

Overland to Oz Page

Proposal: Why?

Planning: Where?

Preparation: When & How?

Phalanx: Meet the Team

Peragrate: By the numbers

Progress: Trip Updates

Overland to Oz is a quest. An epic journey 3/4 around the globe. 2 years in the planning. 130 days in the execution. A solo woman traveller.

In honour of my grandmother.

Photo Credit: Author’s personal collection. Do not use without permission.

Listening. Observing. Participating. Writing. Photographing. Reflecting.

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Anna Blanch_Gill Gamble_blogAnna Blanch Rabe is an Australian-born writer and photographer. In 2014, she will embark on an epic adventure traveling Overland From Australia to London by train and ferry. You can follow this adventure on Not A Pedestrian Life, or Facebook. More of her photography can be viewed here. For more domestic things take a look at Quotidian Home or her previous website, Goannatree.

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