DSC01401Sometimes the best way to understand how to go about an adventure is to find like-minded souls – people who have a similar sense of adventure, a yearning to understand the world in which we live. Here are some of those people from whose writing and lives I’ve learned a little something here and there!

Adventure Travelers

I’m so not in the class of some of these people. In fact they make me feel kind of lazy! I’m hoping to interview some of these and others over the next few months! But, in the meantime, here’s some serious inspiration for you:

Family on Bikes

This family are pretty darn amazing. Two parents, two boys, and between them they’ve biked pretty much every continent and broken some records along the way. They are nomads at heart. Teachers and explorers, I can’t wait to see where they head next!

Pat Farmer

Pat is a multiple world record holder for endurance running. He has run around Australia and across North America twice. Pat served 8 years as a Member of Australia’s Parliament, with 3 years as Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Science and Training. A widower with two children, Pat runs to raise money for extraordinary causes! He just finished running from the north pole to the south pole!

Sarah Outen

1st April 2011 British adventurer Sarah Outen embarked on her London2London: Via the World expedition – a  human-powered loop of the planet. Plotting a route never before undertaken, Sarah’s journey will see her cycle, row and kayak over 20,000 miles. As she travels the world, she will be breaking records, raising money for charity and sharing her adventures with young and old alike

Roz Savage

British ocean rower and environment campaigner!

Geordie Stewart

The youngest Brit to scale the seven summts, a fellow University of St Andrews student and a great guy!

Felicity Aston

Felicity Aston is a freelance travel writer and adventurer who has spent the last ten years seeking out irresistible challenges and captivating stories in some of the world’s wildest and most extraordinary places. Felicity has raced in the Canadian Arctic, led a team of women across the inland ice of Greenland, searched for meteorite craters in Quebec, skied along a frozen river in Siberia and spent three years living and working in the Antarctic.

Nomads & World Travelers

Chris Guillibeau

Chris writes, travels, and helps people take over the world. His site hosts The Art of Non-Conformity blog and the diary of his travel adventures in every country in the world


Mark Wiens writes this blog about living and eating his way across Asia. He eats a lot of street food and writes great guides about the food cultures of Asia!


Tynan has been travelling for almost a decade. He packs light. very light.

Adventurous Kate

My go to girl for tips on being a solo female traveller. She’s awesome. she travels full time!

Art of Backpacking

I use this site to find fellow travelers as much of the content is reposts from other great sites!

Legal Nomads

Lawyers and former lawyers who travel.

Nomadic Notes

Fellow Aussie, James Clark is a location independent entrepreneur from Melbourne. He’s been on the road as a digital nomad since 2003.

The Man in seat sixty-One

The Man when it comes to travel by train. seriously.


Overland to Oz

My next epic adventure is a trip travelling 16974 kilometres or 10551 miles from Tamworth, Australia to London, England overland by train and boat in April – August 2014. It isn’t human powered, but it will be about people and places and art and food and churches and universities. It will be about life. For more about the planning and the why and where for, take a look at Overland to Oz.

Listening. Observing. Participating. Writing. Photographing. Reflecting.

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Traveller. Scholar. Photographer. Writer. Dreamer. Teacher. Overland to Oz is a crazy adventure marked with photos and word and inspired by the incredible women in Anna’s family, especially her late grandmother, whom she knew as Nan-Nan.

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