These are a few short lessons from travelling domestically in Thailand. This relates to air travel (and refers to our experiences from our most recent trip in 2019). We talk things you can and cannot do, the food situation, and our best tips for getting through the check-in process smoothly.

Lessons and Tips for travelling domestically by air in Thailand

  • No water allowed through security

While for Americans this might seem an odd thing to highlight, not being able to take water through airport security is somewhat unusual outside of the US.

  • No Powerbanks in checked luggage

Of any kind – even small USB syle powerbanks. They can take serious measures – down to escorting you to the baggage handling area to retrieve a power bank. Ask us how we know. If you are escorted, you will be split from your travel companions, you will be taken back to the gate to board, as usual, take this information for what it’s worth to decide if they should wait for you. 

  • Join Bangkok airways Ff program – they offer an extra 5kg of luggage allowance. Otherwise only 20kgs. The cost for 5 kg over 20kg =  600baht 10kg = 1000 baht. It is important to note that even if you list an ff partner in your booking this won’t count for the extra luggage allowance (only miles). 
  • There are no business class seats on Bangkok airways domestic (but you can buy a business class ticket) – we didn’t do this but we saw a number of disappointed people who only found out on check-in that a business class ticket doesn’t mean there is a business class on the plane!
  • Definitely check-in online and print a boarding pass at self-check-in on arrival at the airport and then bag drop (this line is way shorter than the regular check-in line) 
  • Boarding times are aspirational – we generally boarded 10-15 minutes after the stated time. 

No announcement will be made about this – the boarding time will just come and go. There’s no need to go and ask about it, just go with the flow.

  • flight attendants generally won’t allow headphones to be worn during takeoff and landing on Bangkok airways. This is a good time to have a book with you.

While Thai flight attendants are kind and friendly, they won’t take no for an answer on not using headphones during takeoff and landing – even if there’s still 40 minutes of flight time when they start preparing for landing. It doesn’t matter what you think about this, just take them off and open that book or magazine.

  • A Special meal may or may not be provided – It’s a lottery -even if ordered in advance. Anna chose not to risk the regular menu food (soy sauce — generally made with wheat outside of Japan — is a killer for celiacs) 

My best advice is to take some snacks for domestic travel in Thailand. I love Thai food – so this is is just about allergens for us.

  • Real silver cutlery is provided on Bangkok Airways domestic flights. 
  • Dwight reports that the food (rice or noodles and meat of some kind) is basic but edible. 

For some fun travel-related memories and odd experiences from travel, my ABCs of travel is a good read (if I do say so…)

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