Around the World in 88 days; or our next travel adventure! Hang around here long and you’ll soon see that I love giving our adventures names. It acts as a short-hand but it also helps frame how we plan. 2018 has been a bit of a rollercoaster travel-wise! 2017 was the year of the American Identity Tour, so I began this year a little slower. Then came the news that the running man would be heading overseas to work for a bit. All of this means that I have barely left our current home state for the first half of the year, but it’s also meant I have barely been home for the last few months!

2018 by the stats (so far)

So far in 2018, my travel stats look like this:

Trips                                 14

Days on the road              110

Distance                            43331 miles

Cities                                 26

Countries                           2

The rest of 2018 and early 2019 are shaping up to be one long travel adventure! Just in case you are under the illusion that this is one long holiday, let me be the first to assuage you of that notion! I have a company to run, after all, and I will be working on the road. It’s why, as much as I would love to write about each day and each aspect of a journey like this, more often than not, I have writing that has to be done for one of my awesome clients!

Working around the World in 88 days

I work wherever I am, including this trip where I’ve chosen one of my destination countries on the basis of it’s ranking as a hub for digital nomads – basically cheap accommodation and high-speed internet!

You know I love maps, so I made one for you! The markers are the destinations planned and scheduled for the next 3 months:

around the world in 88 days Not a pedestrian life Anna Rabe

Here is the travel route booked and planned – and don’t worry if it looks complicated, because it is! I absolutely could not keep all of it straight without Tripit. Tripit is an app (desktop and mobile) that collates all the airline, train, rental car, hotel, activity, ticketed events – basically every kind of booking you could imagine. This is not an affiliate link either. I just couldn’t keep my travel plans sorted without it – and i like to share the good tips!

I have also been working with the incredible G-luxe Travel on some parts of this journey – particularly those parts where we are aiming for a little relaxation and time! Once again, this is not an affiliate link – I have found Garrety extremely helpful and capable at working with my schedule and my complicated itinerary. If you’re looking for a great travel advisor, check out G-Luxe Travel.

around the world in 88 days Not a pedestrian life Anna Rabe

So what does this “around the world thing” look like? It looks like 17 cities, 9 countries, 4 continents, and so much plane travel. There’ll be a few trains involved because this is me we’re talking about and I can’t stay away from the railway tracks! But, I’m not exactly being carbon neutral over the next few months.

New Countries and special people

I’m excited that there’s a couple of new countries on the slate, and that I’ll get to see some of my favorite people as I work my way around the world. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not a little overwhelmed at the prospect of hitting the road again, even if there are a few of those butterflies I always get just before the beginning of a new adventure.

So that’s what my next few months are likely to hold! As is usually the case, all plans are subject to change and increasingly I’ve become one of those people who book flexible plane tickets because you just never know what life has in store!

around the world in 88 days Not a pedestrian life Anna Rabe


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