I answer that one here.

How can you afford this?

Great question. I may publish a budget at some point. Let’s just say, that this isn’t as expensive as you might think. I’m a pretty experienced traveller and I know what I will and won’t live without and what I can and can’t live without. I won’t have rent to pay or other utilities and my train tickets will also often include overnight accommodation. Pretty much anywhere will be cheaper than this. Oh, and I’m taking writing jobs and saving like a mad woman! My hope is that between writing commissions and a job I can take on the road with me this is doable!

Aren’t you worried about travelling on your own?

yes and no. no, because anywhere you go as a woman alone, in whatever country requires self-awareness. I’ve done most of my travelling over the last 10 years solo. In fact, it’s harder for me to think about having someone with me the whole time! And yes, I will take precautions and seek not to put myself in problematic situations.



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