Overland from Oz is a quest. It is an epic journey 3/4 of the way around the globe. It has been 8 years in the planning. It will be 130 days in the execution. I’m A solo woman traveller. This is what I call an Adventure!

So you might have heard about the crazy adventure I’m planning. In which case, here are some of the details. If you haven’t heard, read, or listened to me talk about it, or are wondering this second what this weird woman is jabbering on about, here goes….I’m planning a trip from:

Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia to London, England.

Yes, Australia to England: overland.

via the Reunification Express, and the Trans-Manchurian and Trans Siberian.

Overland From Oz.

Yes, that’ll be crossing Europe and Asia.

By train. By Ferry.

Because. This is an adventure. This is about meeting artists. Meeting those serving the community.

Writing. Taking photographs. Seeking Hope. Seeking Truth. Seeking Beauty.

Proposal: Why?

Planning: Where?

Preparation: When & How?

Phalanx: Meet the Team

Peragrate: By the numbers

Progress: Trip Updates


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  1. I can inform you about “struggling” i work 2 employment and my spouse performs and we nevertheless “struggle”. So for all you ppl that say culture is against you then your just being self centered. oh ya i am white.

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