So when I started talking about an Adventure around America via Amtrak, the map looked like this:

Over time, as I’ve refined the plans for this trip – which I’m now calling “The American Identity Tour” – the itinerary has been shaped and formed and the map now looks like this:

Dates have shifted a little as part of that planning too!

The itinerary is now looking like this:

Day 1 El Paso, Texas
Day 2 New Orleans
Day 3 New Orleans
Day 4 New Orleans
Day 5 Atlanta, Georgia
Day 6 Atlanta, Georgia
Day 7 Washington DC
Day 8 Washington DC
Day 9 Washington DC
Day 10 Washington DC
Day 11 Boston
Day 12 Boston
Day 13 Chicago
Day 14 Chicago
Day 15 Minot, ND
Day 16 Minot, ND
Day 17 Portland, Oregon
Day 18 Portland, oregon
Day 19 Louisville, Kentucky
Day 20 Louisville
Day 21 Louisville
Day 22 Louisville
Day 23 Chicago
Day 24 Chicago
Day 25 Gran Junction, CO
Day 26 Leadville, CO
Day 27 Leadville, CO
Day 28 Leadville, CO
Day 29 Colorado/NM
Day 30 Alburquerque/Santa Fe
Day 31 Alamogordo

There will be more information to come on dates and opportunities to connect – If you are interested in having me speak or connecting during my trip, feel free to fill in the contact form and let me know.

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The American Identity Tour is a crazy adventure marked with photos and word and inspired by the incredible women in Anna’s family, especially her late grandmother, whom she knew as Nan-Nan. Anna is currently finishing her book, “Not a Pedestrian Life.”


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