Having jobs which require your attention, energy, and the vast bulk of your time can make it difficult to train at the level and volume you want to. It can be hard for your family too! It’s all about choices and Sacrifice!

As Dwight has been increasing his mileage so far this year to over 50 miles a week, I have started to notice just how much time it takes to train at this level. Oh, and I know it could be much worse – he’s much faster than I would be trying to train the same volume.
Prior to the NorthFace 50k in December I was ready for it to be done as much as he was – the sheer amount of time it takes (especially on back to back long run weekends) put a dent in the time we get to see each other.

Some people run because of some extrinsic motivation, Dwight is one of those people who runs because it is inside them. It is the way they destress, the way they work through life, and when they don’t have a chance to run (maybe because work happened to be particularly demanding that day) they can get a bit frustrated with life.

One of my closest friends is a runner like this too. Running is her happy place.

Me. I find running a challenge. I ran cross country in high school, and have a goal to complete a sprint triathlon this year – but this running is a means to an end. Strength is a feeling I want to feel while running, but usually I just feel like an ambler, or like I’m running on struggle street.

Sometimes I watch Dwight run and wonder how it is possible for him to be so light on his feet – but then I remember that I feel as light in water. Swimming is my happy place, for it is only in water that I feel capable of that kind of ease.

So here’s to all of you who kiss those you love goodbye and hit the trails, here’s to those of you are not runners or able to run with their loved one, and here’s to you amazing couples who run together — because we only dream of being able to do that.

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